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Kimi's Closet INc.

When I was diagnosed with triple-negative invasive breast cancer  I discovered I needed a closet that held TNBC-related things.

I needed small unexpected needed comfort.

My freezing feet and bald head, dry skin, dry mouth, and nauseated stomach needed specific items. Items I never knew were needed by anyone on this journey 

Kimi's Closet.jpeg

nonprofit organization

Kimi's Closet, Inc., is a nonprofit organization specializing in providing support and resources for women of color who are current breast cancer patients and those in remission.

Kimi's Closet is a safe space for women battling breast cancer.  It is a place where they can be 100% themselves and receive the emotional support they need from women who truly understand the journey.

Kimi's Closet, Inc, provides three types of support for current breast cancer patients and those in remission. The first is a pouch filled with items for the body and spirit to help alleviate the side effects of treatment. The second and third mailed items are for the spirit -- words of comfort and a small book— reminders that they are not alone.

Kimi's Closet.jpeg
Kimi's Closet.jpeg

Closets fascinate me !

They hold treasures
Especially my sister's closet! 

I always find something "special" there, something that may have been forgotten or ignored 

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